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Clandestine Strength is a gym in Burnsville, Minnesota. Operating in a positive, inclusive space, Clandestine Strength coaches are passionate about producing results. Whether you’ve taken a 10 year hiatus from the gym or are looking to find that extra edge in your sport, Clandestine Strength programs are proven effective.

Clandestine Strength helps clients hit their fitness and weight-loss goals using their unique style of regimented training programs. Coaches lead group workouts that combine cardio with resistance exercises and strength training. The workouts are designed to be as time-efficient as possible, and the routines are varied constantly to avoid workout plateaus that can leave clients feeling uninspired. Coaches empower their students with healthy eating guidelines to keep motivation high outside of class.

WARNING: May be life-changing.



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Step 4: Attend your scheduled strategy session where you will meet with a coach, discuss your goals, perform a movement assessment, and experience Clandestine Strength firsthand!