20150901 – Red


Why do I CrossFit?

Tough question..multiple answers!  First and foremost I CrossFit to remain functionally fit and physically adept.  Squatting, carrying loads, pressing, etc all have application in daily life and as I age I am realizing how quickly flexibility, strength, stamina, agility, etc. fade if you don’t dedicate time to fitness – stay fit to keep the aches and pains away!  A close second to fitness is the remaining reasons…all of them rate equally I suppose:  Setting, striving for, and attaining goals and seeing others reach their new bests, competitiveness, camaraderie, sense of accomplishment after a tough WOD, talking smack, and enjoying the sport (a passion) with other like minded individuals!

John G.

20-1 Burpees to plate + 30′ Bear Crawl
600m run (with plate)
Post results to Beyond the Whiteboard

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