The 300lbs Snatch Fallacy

This is one of the many reasons I believe chasing strength numbers in CrossFit makes you less fit.

When you look at who has the biggest numbers in CrossFit, it tends to be the folks with at the very least, average body weight relative to Games competitors (>195lbs for men and >142lbs for women) who have the highlight reel lifts but when you look at the ratio of body weight to weight lifted, this is where you get a better idea of how NOT important it is to be chasing a 300lbs Snatch when you’re barely cracking into the top 10% in your region during the Open.

It’s been said time and time again, CrossFit is not a 1RM max test and it’s not (generally speaking) a high intensity sport. Build your aerobic base, low level gymnastics skills and strength endurance if you plan on doing well in the Open. Strength takes years to build so there’s no sense in rushing it with a 6-week WL cycle and/or taking a big chunk of what should be the time you use to develop as a CROSSFITTER to slightly improve your top end strength.

This is short sighted and rarely ever translates into improved Open placement.

If your strength numbers are truly holding you back in the Sport of Fitness, address this issue early in the off-season. The trade off is that your metcon will suffer a little bit but with smart programming, you should be able to maintain some level of an aerobic base while sticking to a strength-biased cycle.


You know, like all of our programs 😉…

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