The Myth of Superfoods


The problem with articles like this one, titled “7 foods to keep you healthy,” isn’t so much that it’s inaccurate information. It is true that spinach is a good source of vitamin E and that mackerel is a good source of vitamins D and B12.

The problem arises in mistaking the forest for the trees. There is no superfood missing in your diet that will unlock the key to good health. In fact, the healthiest diets have variance, not just a small all-star lineup of power foods. So, in addition to eating spinach, one is also eating kale and chard and arugula and collard greens, and eating a wide variety of animal protein in addition to mackerel as well.

And lastly, the seven foods in this article are presented as anti-inflammatory miracle workers. It’s true that they may contain anti-inflammatory properties, but the best defense against inflammation is to just not consume inflammatory foods. You cannot circumvent the inflammatory effects of processed foods with pomegranate seeds. You have to actually REMOVE the fast food and the packaged delights that cause inflammation in the first place. And that’s the tea!

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