Take an information vacation


If you have health and fitness goals, chances are you’ve done everything you can to stay plugged in to that goal. Maybe you follow dozens of health and fitness accounts on Instagram: some accounts might be athletes or people with awe-inspiring physiques, while other accounts might be chock-full of inspirational quotes and advice. Maybe you have a Pinterest account loaded with recipe ideas and workout routines. And no doubt your Facebook feed is speckled with friends old and new raving about their diet or exercise regimen.

On the one hand, this proliferation of information and choice has made it possible for anyone with Internet access to have every possible health & fitness resource at his or her fingertips. It is simply mind-numbing to think of the possibilities. My calculations show that you could spend 14 billion years consuming health & fitness advice on the Internet and you will not even be halfway through it.

But, what do you do when it feels less like an information oasis and more like an information dump? If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, confused, anxious or burnt out about your health and fitness goals merely by looking at all this stuff, I’m here to tell you: it’s not you. The reality is, this tsunami of information isn’t always all that helpful in actually achieving our goals. The road to change is cluttered with information overload, choices galore, stimulation overdrive, and shiny images demanding and stealing our attention.

Here are some of our tips for navigating through social media while trying to reach a health and fitness goal:


  • Be selective. Clean out your social media follow list. Love yourself more than you love the beautiful images of people that just aren’t serving you and unfollow accounts that provoke a feeling of inferiority or anxiety in you.


  • Ever heard of “paralysis by analysis?” Take periodic breaks from consuming health and fitness blogs, websites, and social pages. Check in with your “action versus awareness” ratio: are you spending more time thinking about changing your habits, or actually taking action? We always want to strive for more action in our lives, the real change driver, than information.


  • Keep going on your own chosen path. At the end of the day, there are multiple ways to reach a goal. What matters most is that you keep moving forward with your game plan, not someone else’s.


  • Information overload still making you dizzy? Consider partnering with a nutrition coach who can help you wade through this glut of information and choices to arrive at a sustainable, realistic, and clear solution for you and your life.

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