Our Fall Challenge Starts 10/1!

We’re gearing up for our fall Ready For It challenge! We wanted to let you know why we created this challenge, and why we designed it differently this time around. If you were around for our challenge earlier this year, you may recall an emphasis on wellness. You earned points for getting up and moving throughout the day. You earned points for going on a nature walk in the brisk February weather. You earned points for eating healthy, although it was up to you to define what that meant for you and your goals.

We are approaching the fall challenge under the assumption that you have carried many of these wellness habits with you long after the challenge ended. That was the whole point of our first Ready For It challenge: to increase involvement and engagement in your overall health and fitness journey, with the ultimate goal of improving your overall wellness and happiness. One participant cited that, because of the challenge, they were “laughing and smiling a lot more lately.” Another participant stated “My favorite thing is my change in attitude. I feel happier.” We were absolutely humbled and awed by these results, which no scale could possibly measure.

This time around, we wanted to do something a little different, and to ensure that anyone who participated in the spring challenge could still have something to gain from participating in the fall challenge. So, we’re upping the ante.

We’re assuming that wellness is already a priority you have made time for in your schedule. That means we won’t be tracking the number of hours slept, or the number of fish oil capsules swallowed, or the number of steps walked. We won’t be tracking if you made time for ten minutes of stretching because we’re assuming that you have already prioritized and made time for these things in your schedule.

Instead, we’ll be focusing on seeing measurable body composition changes. After all, a well-rounded, effective fitness program should not not only help us live happy, healthy lives, but should also help us meet our body composition, weight loss, and/or muscle-building goals.

If you want to take action to make change, if you want to put in the work and see results, if you are living a healthy lifestyle but want your body to reflect all your hard work, then you are Ready For It.

Here’s what the fall Ready For It challenge will entail:

  • Access to daily RFI WODs. This is additional programming to supplement your existing class WODs. For instance, you may be tasked to complete 150 glute bridges on your own time, in addition to your regular workout.
  • Access to the Wodify Rise app. Stay dialed in and stay on top of the leaderboard!
  • Access to the RFI Facebook group for better accountability and support (it’s also just more fun with others!)
  • Custom macro guide based on your body for workout days and rest days. This is the biggest change from our spring challenge to our fall challenge! Instead of focusing on eating healthy in subjective terms, you’ll be given an individualized nutrition plan, and you can earn points by following it daily.
  • Weekly meal plan examples, tips, and guidance from your coaches for accurately and successfully following your macro plan

To kick things off, we’ll be holding a Facebook Live on Sunday, September 16th at 7PM on the Clan Strength Facebook page. Post your questions to the comments and we’ll answer them during our Live! See you all there.

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