How to succeed with any goal


When you come to Clandestine Strength, or even just take a peek at our blog, you’re probably here for the fitness. But fitness (training) is actually just the tip of the spear of what we teach. Whether your goal is athletic performance, weight loss, general wellness, or any other goal, THIS pyramid is our hierarchy of needs to getting there.

If you’re ever feeling stuck, like you’re putting in the work but not seeing the results in a certain area, try addressing the pieces below it on the pyramid, and see if that makes a difference.

For example, if you’ve been meticulous, thorough, and consistent with your diet but still aren’t making progress, try looking at your sleep quality or your stress-management before giving up on your nutrition altogether or making your nutrition approach more aggressive.

If you’re working out regularly and putting forth your full effort in the gym but you feel like you might have hit a strength plateau, look to improve the quality of your movement. There is a lot to be gained by simply improving the mechanics of your air squat before deciding the only way to improve your 1RM back squat is by squatting heavier.

You can also think of movement as simply moving more, especially if your goal is wellness or weight loss! This doesn’t mean adding in more workouts in a day, but simply more activity, from household chores to walking: more movement and less sitting.

*** Note: if you’re completely new to working out and have never really “trained” before, we have found that STARTING with training (the top of the pyramid) can be a powerful catalyst for changing everything else on the pyramid. If you wait to start working out until you’ve managed your stress, perfected your diet, and sleep like an angel, you may never start. Start where you are! The other pieces have a way of falling into place. That is an important exception we’ll make to this “order” of needs.

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