“Health Food” Myths


🦄 “Health Food” Myth: Yogurt is always a healthy option.

Yogurt CAN be a healthy choice, but it can also be no different than having a scoop of ice cream (unless that’s what you’re going for, in which case we say, definitely go for the ice cream then!).

Greek yogurt is a great protein-packed choice, and its probiotics have the added benefit of improving gut health. It’s versatile (can be used in sweet or savory meals), and has incredible texture. YUM. 🤤

BUT! Read your labels! In comparing the two yogurt brands pictured here, one is flavored while the other is plain or unflavored. One cup of Greek Gods brand in the Honey Vanilla flavor contains 33 grams of sugar – a cup of Haagen Dazs strawberry ice cream is not far off at 40 grams of sugar. As for the plain Fage brand? It clocks in at 6 grams and no added sugar, just the naturally occurring milk sugar.
Too many numbers all Greek to you? The good news is, you don’t even need to read the nutrition facts. Simply look at the front packaging! Here are a couple clues that the Greek Gods brand is not-so-great, without even needing a magnifying glass to read the nutrition facts… #1: it’s flavored. Flavored yogurt = Added sugars (most of the time). And #2: you have to look closely, but it clearly says “Greek yogurt style.” Greek yogurt *style* is food marketing code for NOT EVEN REAL GREEK YOGURT! Greek yogurt is a potent source of protein. Regular yogurt? Not in the slightest. A cup of Fage Greek yogurt yields 20 grams of protein. Greek Gods “Greek yogurt style” yogurt? A pitiful 8 grams.

We’ve pictured the Fage brand that has 2% fat because we want to emphasize that a little bit of fat in your yogurt (this one contains 4 grams per cup) is nothing to be afraid of. Healthy sources of dietary fat are an important part of a well-rounded diet. The problem with 0% fat yogurt is that the fat is often replaced with sugar in order to make it palatable to consumers. Fage DOES sell a 0% fat yogurt with zero added sugars, for those of you watching your fat intake closely (for various reasons), but for most of us just trying to eat a healthy, no-nonsense, well-rounded diet, a little bit of fat in our yogurt is nothing to be afraid of.

Clan’s recommendation? Go for the UNFLAVORED Fage Greek yogurt brand.

If you find the unsweetened flavor to be too strong and unenjoyable, try adding some fruit to naturally sweeten the taste. A handful of fresh raspberries in your yogurt is a much healthier option than raspberry flavored yogurt!

We’ll be sharing more of our favorite food myths, so stay tuned!

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