The 2019 Clandestine Holiday Gift Guide!

Add these items to your list to Santa this year (or, if you’re in the giving spirit, gift the items on this list to the fitness lover in your life). Our gift guide is in three categories, priced low to high!


1. Never complain about your thumbs hurting on snatches and cleans ever again! This tape is a miracle worker.

2. What better to say I love you and Let’s work out than with a new pair of silicone rings for you and your sweetheart? Honestly, we can’t think of one.

3. Eat your meals like a fitness pro – in glass Pyrex containers! Alright this might be a little tough to fit in a stocking… but if it will help keep your fridge stocked with healthy food, we’re here for it.

4. These knee sleeves happen to be the most affordable on the market ($14!), and they’re also used by weightlifting champs the globe over. If they’re good enough for Lu Xiaojun, they’re good enough for us!


1. Clan. Gear. Need we say more? Shop the entire Clandestine Strength collection of shirts and sweatshirts here.

2. For the WOD: May we recommend a sweet new set of gymnastics grips? Pro tip: Snatch these up on Small Business Saturday at the locally owned fitness outfitter Tooth x Nail.

3. Double-unders still mystifying you? Perhaps it’s time to invest in a speed rope of your own. Practicing on the same rope that’s cut to your height can help tremendously in stringing those double-unders together. Kind of like Harry Potter and his wand (11 inches long, made of holly and containing a phoenix feather core): the spells and charms work best when you use your own wand.

4. Protein powder curious but not quite sure where to start? We recommend Vital Proteins‘ collagen+whey blend for workouts and Earth Fed Muscle‘s bedtime casein.


1. From Nike Metcons to Reebok Nanos to NOBULL trainers, it’s important your shoes can support all the fitness that you put them through. From squats to deadlifts to running, the folks that make these shoes know  the shoe needs to be as versatile as possible, so that you can wear them to do all of these things.

2. You need it. I know it. You know it. It’s time to start making stretching a part of your daily routine. An annual ROMWOD subscription would make a lovely and long-lasting gift.

3. If you’ve got the CrossFit trainer shoe category already covered, chances are you’ve thought about investing in a weightlifting shoe. We love the Reebok Legacy Lifter.

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