What is Clandestine Strength & Conditioning?

Clandestine Strength & Conditioning is a gym in Burnsville, Minnesota that offers  group fitness classes, individualized training programs, and nutrition coaching. We are also the home of CrossFit Subterranean and are proud to offer CrossFit classes. Our infinitely modifiable, universally scaleable program ensures that you will always improve in our program no matter what your fitness level is.

What type of person trains at Clandestine?

The only common denominator among our members is that everybody works hard and everybody checks their ego at the door. Beyond that, we coach every age group and ability level. There is no prior experience required, just a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard.

What is the price of coaching?

The best way to get started is to schedule a strategy session with one of our coaches to determine which coaching option is right for you. Email clanstrength@icloud.com to get started.

Is there parking at Clandestine? Where are you located?

Yes, we have parking! We are located just north of the Burnsville high school, off  Portland Avenue between Highway 13 and Cliff Road. We have excellent freeway access to 35W.

I am ready to get started.

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Membership FAQ
What is your refund policy?
Clandestine Strength and Conditioning will not provide refunds retroactively for any cancellation requests. Membership cancellations are only processed by sending written notification via email to clanstrength@icloud.com. Please do not send cancellation messages to our Facebook page or other social media sites.
Clandestine Strength and Conditioning does not issue refunds if you do not use your membership, nor can you carry over sessions to the next month if you missed a class. No exceptions.
What is your hold policy?
If you will be absent from Clandestine Strength for more than 30 consecutive days, you may request that your membership be placed on hold for circumstances such as injury, illness, work-required travel, and job loss. Any holds requested less than 15 days before the following bill date will be billed, upon which time the hold will take effect. Membership holds will be granted at the sole discretion of Clandestine Strength. All hold requests must be submitted in writing via email with concrete start and end dates. We will not make any indefinite holds.
What is your cancellation policy?
Clandestine Strength requires a 30-day written notice of a cancellation. You may cancel your Assigned Commitment by notifying Clandestine Strength by email to clanstrength@icloud.com. If you decide to cancel within 30 days of the next billing cycle, your card will still run for the upcoming month before terminating. If you cancel your Assigned Commitment for any reason, you lose all rights and benefits associated with your Assigned Commitment, including the price of your monthly payment.