What our members say


I could write a book on how much I love this place, but I’ll keep it short. I don’t know what I would do without Vernon, Caitlin and the community that trains here from all walks of life. It’s more than just a place to “go work out” and you feel how special it is on your first day. Your pushed past what you think are your limitations and gain a new self confidence. Anything I’ve been asked to do in the last 3 years of coming here I’ve never felt that my safety was in jeopardy. You can visually see that the staff cares about your wellness and improving in whatever aspects in life that you share with them. This is the way training should be started and continued. I’ve never felt peer pressured to drastically change my nutrition or start on any fad diets. The changes come little by little with casually talking to the staff. You can NOT find a more individualized coaching staff than at Clandestine. One of the best kept secrets in Dakota county.

– Tyler Z.


Phenomenal! The workouts are tough but take into account your abilities; comes with a lot of encouragement and support. This is a don’t miss opportunity for those who like to workout as well as for those who are just starting out. It’s like having a personal trainer every time you come to class.

Carrie M.

Great place to workout. Vernon is an amazing trainer. Very knowledgeable and spends time explaining how not-to-do exercises. Workout sessions have been very motivational and I’ve come across wonderful people working out here!

Abhilash K.

Top notch training, top notch atmosphere, top notch company. Can’t say enough about this place. Take it from a health professional, [Clandestine Strength] not only knows what they’re talking about, but they truly care about helping individuals meet their goals. Don’t miss out, join the pack.

Dr. Matt W.


Vernon puts so much time and effort into each client and genuinely wants to see everyone succeed in their goals. It’s my second family!

– Danielle S.

A great and growing gym with an even better coaching staff. They truly have your best interests in mind from session to session. Even if you’re a fitness freak and “in shape” you will never experience an “easy” workout here! The community they have created is bar none and all levels of fitness are welcomed.

– Jordyn B.

I cannot stress how fantastic this gym has been for my fiance and I. We brag about Clan daily and look forward to going every night. Vernon and Caitlin have invested so much time with clients to help assess, create, and obtain goals. If you are looking to push yourself to new physical heights or simply get active with some fun people, Clandestine is a place you would thoroughly enjoy.

– Keaton R.


I don’t have the words to express my appreciate for EVERYTHING you guys have done for me. The best coaches in the world. Vernon and Caitlin have helped me reach goals I couldn’t imagine on my own. The ABSOLUTE BEST classmates ever! You all pushed me in every aspect of the word. When I wanted to quit, when I was the weakest member, when I was the slowest runner, you guys pushed me and didn’t leave me behind.

– Ronald C.

From the knowledge and expertise of the coaches to the friendly and driven members, Clandestine is nothing short of excellent. There is a constantly varying arrangement of workouts that on days will leave you more exhausted than you ever thought you could be but in return not only build your physical but mental capacity. If you want to turn weaknesses into strengths and fellow members into friends, come to Clan.

– Adam H.



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